We make your Scoring simple.
No more uncertainty and nasty surprises in your scoring. Credify.me helps with regular score monitoring.

What advantages does Credify.me offer?

Some reasons and advantages why you should choose the Credify.me portal.

INSTANT access (24/7)

After completing your order, you will receive immediate access to the Credify.me score monitoring portal. And that around the clock.

Real-time scoring

Immediately see your Credify score, which is updated at regular intervals based on various entries and data.

Potential analysis

Thanks to our automated potential analysis, you will receive helpful suggestions for improving your score and creditworthiness.

Regular reports

Receive regular reports and get a personalized Credify.me credit report.


How does it all work?

Here we show in a very simplified way what the individual steps look like. It's really easy.


Frequently asked questions

If you still have unanswered questions in your head. Here you will find the frequently asked questions and the appropriate answers.

Yes. After successfully completing the order, you will get instant access to the Credify.me portal. Please check your e-mails for this.

In the portal you will find regular updates and suggestions for improvement to optimize your scoring.

Therefore you will always find the current prices on the order page.

Regardless of the term of the contract, which is 2 years, you can view your data at any time while your access is activated. You can also download the reports in the portal.

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